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JBE winds up 3 week Falcon Ridge Folk Festival preview tour

Jim Infantino playing solo and JBE playing as a band alternately played a slew of shows up and down the east coast as part of the {a target="_blank" href="http://www.falconridgefolk.com/preview.shtml">Falcon Ridge Preview Tour. {
Last year JBE garnered an insane number of votes after participating in the {a target="_blank" href="http://www.falconridgefolk.com">Falcon Ridge Folk Festival "emerging artists showcases" JBE went on last and played the hits: Stress, and She's Dead (with a version of "Athol" in the middle) - and so won a spot on stage in this year's festival.If you have never heard of Falcon Ridge, it has been running for a couple of decades in Hillsdale, NY and is the coolest and hippest folk festival in the country. Fear not the F word! This festival is really awesome.{
If you missed our preview tour, you really missed some great performances - not just by yours truly ` ) but by the other 3 acts - {a target="_blank" href="http://chrispureka.com">Chris Pureka, {a target="_blank" href="http://kymtuvim.com">Kym Tuvim and {a target="_blank" href="http://jasonspooner">Jason Spooner are all, in my humble opinion, excellent. We played in the round, backing each other up, and by the end of the tour, it was truly magical.{
We played in

  1. Waterbury CT

  3. Worcester MA

  5. Saratoga Springs, NY

  7. Westchester, NY

  9. Rockville, MD

  11. Susquehana, MD

  13. outside of DC, MD

  15. Ardmore, PA

  17. Easthampton, MA

  19. Montclaire, NJ

  21. Hastings on Hudson, NY

  23. Sudbury, MA

  25. Cambridge, MA

over the course of 19 days.