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Big Ego in Heavy Rotation

Flavorlicious unpop band, Jim's Big Ego, are Internet radio stars.As a long-time JBE fan and guru of all things 'Net I keep my eyes open and my ear to the ground for new and interesting JBE news.  I and my ear are relieved to report that we've discovered an Internet radio station that loves the Big Ego.  DJ Betty Page of Internet radio station Synesthesia says, "Jim's Big Ego rocks my world.  Since catching them live at MCLA in the early 90's I've been following them closely.  Notwithstanding their indie cult status, their music is a recipe for a good time.  Boston Band is the perfect anthem for any independent artist.  Slow is a java-drinking, Generation X dream.  Stress is a classic riff on white collar rage.  How can you not love a band that writes songs about ugly people and mocks all that is 'trendy'?"Other artists in heavy rotation on Synesthesia include Flickerstick, Mr. Right, Dave Matthews Band, They Might Be Giants, Poe, Frank Black and the Catholics, the Violent Femmes, Huffamoose, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Fiona Apple, The Nixons, Luna, Peter Mulvey and Kirsty MacColl.Check out Synesthesia here.Email Betty Page here:  bettypage@attbi.com