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Real News

JBE all over the airwaves this weekend!

Three exciting JBE radio appearances to share with you and they all happen
 this weekend:

  1. JBE on NPR, again! On Sunday, November 2, Liane Hansen interviews Jim and
       talks up the new CD on NPR's Weekend Edition. For a preview of the show, visit:
       weekend edition sunday web page

  3. JBE live on The Point! On Saturday, November 1, around 2:30pm EST, JBE plays
       an acoustic set on The Point 104.7 in Burlington, VT - one of the hippest
       radio stations around. Even if you're not in VT, you can listen online at

  5. JBE gets Demented! That's right, "There Everywhere!" will be heard
       at various points this weekend on the nationally Dr. Demento Show. To find
       your nearest Demented radio station, visit drdemento.com

HALLOWEEN EXTRAVAGANZA! There's nothing scarier than seeing Jim's Big Ego dressed
 up in costume and you've got two chances this Halloween evening. Be sure to
 come in costume yourself and we suggest that you make reservations in advance
 as the shows sell out.