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Real News

JBE's interview on Weekend Edition.

Jim Infantino of Jim's Big Ego was interviewed on weekend edition with Liane Hansen this past weekend.

listen to it and/or read about it on npr.org

Immediately after it aired our webserver was so bogged down, it couldn't handle the amount of simultaneous requests for our domain name and we were shut down for 10 to 15 minutes - thereafter guest users soared to hover around 100- threatening to overload our MySQL server. It was a lot of attention for an unpop band.

(a bump in our bandwidth)

Later that day, They're Everywhere became the 17th most ordered CD on Amazon.com ahead of Bare Naked Ladies, Nora Jones and the Dave Matthew's Band (Sting was still more popular - but hey - he's Sting).

We are buried under a mass of orders unlike we have ever seen. We will be working over time to get them out tonight.

All of this is very good news - and shows you the power of public radio. Thank you Liane!

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