Tuesday, August 19, 2003

8:00 PM


Boston Gigs

Lizard Lounge Residency - Cambridge, MA w/ Aaron Shadwell

Lizard Lounge

1667 Mass Ave. Cambridge


Lizard Lounge Residency!
JBE plays every Tuesday in August
Special guest: Aaron Shadwell

more about Aaron Shadwell:

For Aaron Shadwell, the desire to be a singer/songwriter is rooted in growing - healing - telling the story to inspire others to do the same. "It's about process, putting aside where I'm going and concentrating on how I'm going to get there."

Born in Kansas and raised on a steady diet of blues and folk, Aaron was an avid Robert Johnson listener by the time his grade school friends were discovering Def Leopard. Yet, his humble ear also welcomed pop radio, from which Aaron quickly gained his sense of melody and song form.  After testing the waters of Boston in subway stations and Harvard Square, Aaron moved into the small club scene, and currently frequents The Middle East and The Lizard Lounge. The live experience proved to be an organic workshop for refining his material into more cohesive neo-delta compositions.

The synthesis of Aaron's enchantment with blues guitar, folk storytelling, and pop-driven hooks is apparent from his forthcoming, solo acoustic EP Use What You Find.


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