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Jim's Big Ego

Don't Get Smart

cover of Don't Get Smart

released 1998   Eastern Front Records

Don't Get Smart" by Jim's Big Ego is an 11 song cd with a bonus CD-Rom Timewaster on it. It features Jim Infantino on vocals, guitars & theremin, Kurt Uenala on Upright Bass and Vocals, Dylan Callahan on Drums and Vocals, David Spak on Percussion, plus special guests Jennifer Kimball, David Wilcox, Nance Pettit, Billy Jonas, Ducky Carlisle and David NieldsEngineered by Erin Anderson at Prophet Media & Eastern Front Studios, Mixed by Ducky Carlisle at Room 9 From Outer Space, Mastered by Jonathan Wyner at M-Works. CD-Rom Timewaster with extra track and poetry designed by Matthew A. Cohen & Moody Food Design.