JIM'S BIG EGO: unpop for the unpopulous!

Solo In Isolation #19: this Saturday 5pm Eastern

Jim Infantino playing live on YouTube from his sofa

Next two Solo In Isolation shows are going to be

This Saturday, Oct 17 at 5pm EST at: https://youtu.be/a22ZcnpjcFE


I've decided to do the next show Friday, October 30, at 7pm because Halloween. https://youtu.be/7LWP4covFmg


I'm on Music My Mother Wouldn't Like November 10 at 8pm with China Curtiss Kent and 2 others - info coming here: musicmymotherwouldnotlike.com

I'm doing the Solo In Isolation living room thing for the Second Friday Coffeehouse stream. Come support.

November 13 (Friday the 13th) at 7:30 EST - with streaming details to be posted here: https://www.secondfridaycoffeehouse.org/calendar/event/194

See you there! Send requests. And now for the closing quote:

"… my methods of navigation have their advantage. I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be." - Douglas Adams.