JIM'S BIG EGO: unpop for the unpopulous!

Solo In Isolation #23 Saturday at 5pm EDT

1990s Jim In Cafe Algiers

1990s Jim In Cafe Algiers from "Face & Guitar" documentary

Solo In Isolation

Number Twenty-Three! Holy Moly. I hope you can make it. These are very sustaining for me and they keep me sane during this COVID madness. Show starts at 5pm EDT sharp (5 min earlier if you want to see the sound check) I hope you can come and send requests and heckle me from the chat window.

Yes, there will be Rudolph Rap. I hafta!

Solo In Isolation, YouTube Live, Saturday, December 12 at 5pm EDT.


My Novel and Book 2 of the Trilogy

I'm 85% finished with the draft of Book 2 and will be getting it ready early next year. If you know anyone who you think might enjoy my work in book 1 and want to get on the journey as I finish the second third of the trilogy, the holidays might be a great time to get them my novel. It's available directly from me through my website and also on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and more.

If you order a paperback from me, I can sign it or not sign it. There is a gift option in the cart. I ship USPS Priority Mail, so I can get it there in time up to about December 20 or 21.

Hardcovers will be coming through Ingram Spark in the new year, as well as an audiobook for Book 1 read by yours truly.

I've been really happy with the reviews up on Amazon. If you've read the book and want to post a review/rating, it will immensely help get the word out about this series. Always be honest.

That's the skinny for now. I'm working hard to make book 2 as enjoyable and confusing as book 1. I appreciate all of you. Gratitude and Happy Emergent Light Turning!

Is exactly like
Where you are right now
Only much, much
Better.” – Laurie Anderson