JIM'S BIG EGO: unpop for the unpopulous!

JBE on Twitter | Live in MA, NYC

Hey Egomaniacs!

For those of you who have to be on top of every last JBE move, you can now follow the band on Twitter.  



Wednesday, February 25th   8:00 PM

Semi-Private Event - Brookline, MA

Not entirely open to the public.

Email info@bigego.com for more information

Thursday, March 5th  9:00pm sharp!

Living Room - New York, NY

154 Ludlow


JBE Returns to the Living Room in NYC!

21 plus

"Nothing exists outside Mind. Everything that appears in your thoughts is Mind itself. This Mind is all pervading. All dharmas, all things, all phenomenonall are nothing but Mind."

•- Dennis Genpo Merzel