JIM'S BIG EGO: unpop for the unpopulous!


from free*

this is the way you're walking
this is the way you breathe
this is the air around you
this is the sound of your feet
this the way you're talking
these are the people you meet
spread out on the path before you
just like every other road that leads to


don't worry about what's behind you
don't worry about what's ahead
when you listen to all of the rabble
don't you worry about the things they said
listen to your heart that's beating
like your body is a bell to ring
listen to the music playing
listen to the singer sing


you wake up like it's every morning
like every time you come to life
you could play the pretty husband
or somebody's handsome wife
all the time the clock is ticking
but it isn't such a sinister thing
like every thing that might deceive you
not this moment that could never leave you



Jim Infantino: guitar, vocals and harmonica
Jesse Flack: upright bass and vocals
Dan Cantor: drums and vocals

recorded at notable productions (Watertown, MA)
additional recording at Ice Station Zebra (Medford, MA)
mixed by Ducky Carlisle

updated: 12 years ago