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Index of Songs

  1. "kepler" from More Songs About Me
  2. 15 Seconds of Fame from Stay
  3. 35 Foot Lady from The World of Particulars
  4. 404 Blues from Stay
  5. :This Message: from Don't Get Smart
  6. A Little Philosophy Is A Dangerous Thing from The World of Particulars
  7. Abstraction Utopia Glitches by Benjamin Burnes from Remixes & Sundries
  8. Acid from Titanic
  9. After the Tornado from noplace like nowhere
  10. Ahead of The Curve from Don't Get Smart
  11. Ahead Of The Curve (solo demo) from Y2K - Hooray!
  12. Ambition from Don't Get Smart
  13. Angry White Guy from noplace like nowhere
  14. Another Thousand Years from Stay
  15. Asshole from They're Everywhere!
  16. At the Funeral from Titanic
  17. award show from free*
  18. background vocals from free*
  19. Better Than You from They're Everywhere!
  20. Big Chinos from Titanic
  21. Big Old Dark Green Car from Strawman
  22. Big Whoop from Don't Get Smart
  23. Bite Me (hard) from More Songs About Me
  24. bon nuit tree from free*
  25. Boston Band from noplace like nowhere
  26. Boundaries from Titanic
  27. Butthead from More Songs About Me
  28. Can't Fall Down from More Songs About Me
  29. Can't Stop Foolin' Around   from Stay
  30. Cat Named Boogers from Titanic
  31. Cautionary Tale from Support The Truth
  32. Charlie & Zoey from Titanic
  33. Cheat To Lose from Don't Get Smart
  34. Chill from Stay
  35. Concrete from noplace like nowhere
  36. Creepy Guy from Wrongtones
  37. Crow from Strawman
  38. Cut off your Head from Titanic
  39. Darlene from More Songs About Me
  40. depravity from free*
  41. Desperate Times from More Songs About Me
  42. Dirty Little Town from Strawman
  43. Don't Look Down from More Songs About Me
  44. Down Here from Titanic
  45. Earworm from Stay
  46. everything must go from free*
  47. Failure from Strawman
  48. Feelin Groovy from Don't Get Smart
  49. free (and on our own) from free*
  50. Gangway from The World of Particulars
  51. Habits & Plans from Stay
  52. Hate Street from Stay
  53. How it Happens from Support The Truth
  54. i (don't know how to) party from free*
  55. I Like To Watch from Don't Get Smart
  56. I Should Be With You from More Songs About Me
  57. In a Bar from They're Everywhere!
  58. In My Cult from Stay
  59. In My Heart Of Hearts from Titanic
  60. international from free*
  61. Jim Infantino's 127th Nightmare from The World of Particulars
  62. Joe's Midnight Diner from The World of Particulars
  63. just like me from free*
  64. Karma from Titanic
  65. Lionel Say from More Songs About Me
  66. Little Miss Communication from Hits and Misc
  67. Los Angeles from noplace like nowhere
  68. Love Everybody from Don't Get Smart
  69. Love What's Gone from They're Everywhere!
  70. Lucky from They're Everywhere!
  71. Make A Decision from The World of Particulars
  72. Math Prof Rock Star from They're Everywhere!
  73. Meanies from Titanic
  74. Mix Tape from They're Everywhere!
  75. Mix Tape JBE vs Kap10Kurt from Remixes & Sundries
  76. Monkey Bars from Titanic
  77. Napkin Poetry 2004 post election
  78. New Lang Syne (Thank God It's Over) from
  79. No Way To Believe from Strawman
  80. Normandy from Titanic
  81. now from free*
  82. Panties from Titanic
  83. Party on the Everglades from They're Everywhere!
  84. pascagoula pawn & gun from free*
  85. Postcard From Cariacou from noplace like nowhere
  86. Prince Charming from noplace like nowhere
  87. Punk Junkies From New York from Don't Get Smart
  88. Reno from Strawman
  89. Ring Ring Ring from Wrongtones
  90. Room from More Songs About Me
  91. Seven Minutes from Support The Truth
  92. She Said, He Said from Titanic
  93. She Turns Me On from More Songs About Me
  94. She's Calling from Wrongtones
  95. She's Dead from noplace like nowhere
  96. She's Dead (reprise) from noplace like nowhere
  97. Shoebox Bird from The World of Particulars
  98. sleepwalker from free*
  99. Slow from noplace like nowhere
  100. Smells Like Big Chinos (live) from Y2K - Hooray!
  101. Soldiers (in the city) from The World of Particulars
  102. Someday Cafe from Titanic
  103. Somewhere Over New York City from The World of Particulars
  104. Somewhere Over NYC from Strawman
  105. Stay In Love from noplace like nowhere
  106. Stay In Love (2 a.m. rough mix) from Y2K - Hooray!
  107. Strawman from Strawman
  108. Stress from noplace like nowhere
  109. Support The Truth from Support The Truth
  110. Support The Truth - radio edit from Support The Truth
  111. Talking Bowling Green Massacre Blues from Remixes & Sundries
  112. The Ballad of Barry Allen from They're Everywhere!
  113. The Jumblies from Don't Get Smart
  114. the Music of You from They're Everywhere!
  115. The World Of Particulars from The World of Particulars
  116. They're Everywhere from They're Everywhere!
  117. Thing King from Titanic
  118. Ugly People from Don't Get Smart
  119. Under the Atrium from More Songs About Me
  120. Under The Stoney Sky from Strawman
  121. utopia from free*
  122. Vandals from More Songs About Me
  123. What A Shame from Strawman
  124. When the Great Man Falls from The World of Particulars
  125. Where the Money Is from Stay
  126. WTFMFWTFAYT? from Support The Truth
  127. Y2K - Hooray from Y2K - Hooray!
  128. Y2K Hooray! (original 4-track home version) from Y2K - Hooray!
  129. You Piss Me Off from noplace like nowhere
  130. You Rule from Titanic
  131. You're Delicious from Stay
  132. Your Boss from Wrongtones
  133. Your Family from Wrongtones
  134. Your Mom from Wrongtones