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Fake News

Jim's Big Ego Promotes Self


Boston-based rock trio Jim's Big Ego is proud to announce the completion of their latest Press Release, which has been forwarded to all major media outlets.  “We're very excited about this new Press Release,” said songwriter and band leader Jim Infantino. “We expect it to be read by many reporters and editorial assistants and interns in newspapers and magazines world wide before it gets tossed in the trash.”

Future plans for the Press Release also include being passed to friends and coworkers around the office, and being hung on walls by the fax machines alongside selected cartoons from Far Side desk calendars.  “You can't get that kind of exposure without self-promotion,” Infantino explains. “We think Gary Larson is a genius, and we'd be proud to have our Press Release taped to the same break-room fridge as his work.  Especially if it's one of the ones with cows talking like they're people. Man, those are funny cartoons.”

First written in early May 2001, the Press Release has gone through multiple edits and revisions before it was deemed ready to send out to the press.  “This is, like, the third or fourth version of the Press Release that's been written up,” said band manager Jason Schneider. “Although, admittedly not many changes were made between versions three and four.  We just basically ran a spell check and changed the font to Times, because that's the font we use for all of our press releases.”

Also modified was the removal of a joke that may or may not have been considered in bad taste.  After that change, the Press Release was considered good to go.  Bass player Jesse Flack explained that Jim's Big Ego decided to take a "better safe than sorry" approach to the potentially offensive content of the Press Release.  “After all,” Flack explained, “there's no such thing as bad press. Only bad press releases.”