JIM'S BIG EGO: unpop for the unpopulous!

Week 8 of Solo In Isolation this Saturday and on Passim Streams May 20

Jim Infantino playing live on YouTube from his sofa

Two online shows to announce - first my weekly show on YouTube live, this Saturday, May 9 at 5pm EDT - Tune in here: https://youtu.be/K-Rslzuzyws

You can send me requests on twitter or facebook or by replying to this email. Donation links will be below the YouTube video - I will be donating 1/3 of all tips to https://passim.org/pearfund - Passim's Emergency Artist Releif Fund.

Also on Wednesday night, May 20, at 7pm EDT I will do a solo show on Passim Streams at: https://www.facebook.com/clubpassim/live/ - you can donat at: Donate: http://passim.org/stream
Suggested donation is $25

If you want to support my work, the best way currently is to buy and review my newest novel (I'm working on the next one in the series) at https://wakefulwanderer.com

I also have a Patreon page: https://patreon.com/jiminfantino/

I am co-hosting a meditation session twice a week with my teacher Jim Rosen Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10am EDT on zoom. It's free. You can sign up here: https://jimrosen.com/meditate

Wishing you all safety, good health, and peace of mind.

- Jim