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She's Dead


B7 add9B7+9
B7 add9 add6B7+9+6
A add maj7A+maj7



I really liked her but she's dead
and that really kinda blows
I would have liked to kiss her head
her cheek and chin and eyes and nose

and if she woulda stuck around
I think we coulda had some fun
maybe found a little joy
maybe some seasons in the sun

But now she's dead and that's okay
at some point everybody dies
----------------------------------B7+9 ---------------------- STOP
and though her life was kinda short (by the standards of today)
it woulda been long in medieval times.
-------------------------------------- STOP

I really liked her but she's dead
although I don't know how she died
one guy told me it was junk
but someone else said that he lied

Another person said that she
cut her own head off with a knife
I think that would have been too hard
not the best way to end your life

But now she's dead and we are not
she's made it to the other side
I bet Jim Morrisson is there (and Kurt and Jerry and Sid and that guy from Sublime)
and other people who have died

I really liked her but she's dead
at least I figure that's the case
I haven't seen her since she left
and no one else has seen her face

So she might still be alive
or gone around the world to roam
but to me she'll still be dead
until she calls me on the phone.