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Jim's Big Ego "free*" -- listen, love it, buy it for free*

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

So I know this guy Jim Infantino. I met him in the late 80s when I managed a coffee house and slummed around with folk musicians. Twenty years on, he's a band now called Jim's Big Ego (see https://bigego.com ) An ego so big it needs three people on stage to get all that amazing music out there. He's (They've) got a new album coming out, and I figured I'd share it here because there are some folks who will really totally dig his political message and the music.

"free*" is the new album, and can be found at http://free.bigego.com . It is something you can listen to in full, track by track, and you can download the first song "international" for free for realsies. There is a sliding scale kind of payment method for the album (vinyl and CD), which you can buy when it is released in October, or you can buy song by song based on the bandwidth quality that you want.

Jim and I may not agree politically on some things, but I find that I kind of don't care what he's singing about sometimes because it's just awesome music and they really are an amazing band.

try it out. I hope you like it. I'm listening to "utopia" right now and I kind of think this is my new favorite song ever.

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