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They're Everywhere!

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

They're Everywhere:  a great song to blast when you're stuck in traffic or when people keep bugging you at work to do actual work.  Great lyrics, catchy chorus, and I love that guitar solo!  And is that the Banana Splits theme I hear near the end?  Already way up there on my fav JBE tunes list.

Math Prof Rock Star:  to me, this is a bit of a departure for the Egos but keep on  departing!  Another cool rocker with fun lyrics and great harmonies.  I'm not sure why but I keep picturing Jer from the Kent, Ohio band Full Wave Rectifier (even though I don't think he wears white socks with sandals) or Sting from that old Police video.

Better Than You:  another one that enters my JBE Top Ten.  Its one of those songs that gives you goosebumps (just like the guitar solo in Anthem by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band does to this day).  I get a nice early Mott the Hoople vibe from the organ solo.  Brilliant tune.

Nice to see the good Kap10 making an appearance.  The three times I've seen JBE have featured Kurt supplying the fat sounds.  One of these days I'll catch them with Jesse on bass.

The overall sound is more "in-your-face" than NPLN and a bit heavier as well.  Some nice bass sounds abound throughout, stellar guitar work, and the vocals are superb.  Oh, and the cover's really cool, too.

If you don't have this already, shame on you!

Take it easy,