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The Noise Reviews They're Everywhere!

Friday, December 12, 2003

They're Everywhere
12 songs

When I listen to Jim's Big Ego's latest disc it makes me feel like I'm back at college again, though in a kind of alternate reality. I'm wearing flannel, a backwards cap, and I haven't shaved for days. These hot chicks from Koppa Thi, dude, they wanna go see this guy's ego open up for Dave Matthews and those naked lady dudes at this rock festival. Dude, I'm so there! Blaaarrrgggh!

Jim's Big Ego are uber catchy. Harmonies and clever lyrics abound, sometimes you can't help but join the buoyant tunes by adding your own acoustic foot taps. And while the lyrics are refreshing in their originality and diversity, I cringed when periodically a long series of na na na's were inserted to force the Singalong Card. Can you see the collegiate throngs now? They're hugging each other as they sway back and forth to "Cut Off Your Head."

This is primarily a collection of upbeat stuff that will never sodden a mood, which I'm sure is what the Big Ego aimed for. If that's your thing then you're all set because dude, the hot chicks will be all over you. Score! (Evan Mauser)