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35 Foot Lady

There's a 35 foot lady
in a white string bikini
lying on her side by I-95

and I know I've seen her somewhere
fondling that bottle
maybe flipping through the channels
late at night

and I only want to hold her
see her body all around me
things I would have told her
if she were here

But she stays up on that billboard
reclining up there dreaming
so I go home to my ice box
and pour myself a beer

Now others have reminded me
of that 35 foot lady
smiling in the sit-coms
or in a magazine

and that's why I'm reading this one
I don't really like the football
it's the 35 foot lady
on page seventeen

and I know that I look homely
but it doesn't really matter
'cause I've seen the way she smiled at me
while polishing that car

and I want to be the driver
we could go and see a movie
where a 35' lady'd
entertain us for a while