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Jim Infantino's 127th Nightmare

It's over my head
and I feel like I'm under a stone
the moon looks like it's just about ready to explode
so I tip-toed over to your house
just to let you know

It's licking at my knees
and I feel like I'm on fire
trying to convince the chimpanzees to get off the highwire
and you ask me what I'm doing on the stove
baby I don't know

Well this aint rock and roll or is it? this aint rock and roll or is it?this aint rock and roh owoh owoh owoh oo
Elvis was the king of all kings till he overdosed on drugs
and Jimmy was the lizard thing till he got too fat
Sid and Nancy, where are you? we'd all like to know
and I'm gonna spend the rest of my life following these heroes ya ya yaya

Now I'd like to get some sleep
but I'm tied to the bottom of a truck
that's screaming down the hill passing signs that say "good luck"
and I'm thinking bout you baby I am thinking bout You, baby I am thinkingbout you bayeaeaeaeaeoo.